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When to Switch Winter Tires to Summer

As Saskatchewan drivers know, winter tires are essential for safe driving once the road conditions around Regina get snowy or icy. As a rule, you should install winter tires as soon as the median temperature dips to below 7 C. But many drivers ask, “When should I switch to summer tires?” It is recommended that you install summer tires on your car when the temperature is consistently above 7 C. Learn more about when to change to winter tires in Canada, and why it is important to do so, in this guide from the service team at Standard Motors. If you need help swapping out your tires, schedule an appointment at our dealership in Swift Current.

The Importance of Changing Tires Seasonally

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to change your tires seasonally. While many Saskatoon-area drivers believe that all-season tires are okay to run on year-round, the benefits of winter tires cannot be overstated. Winter tires are designed to provide safe and reliable performance in severe winter road conditions in Saskatchewan, enhancing traction, handling, and braking. Advantages of winter tires include:

  • More flexibility when the temperature drops, meaning they conform better to the road
  • Wider grooves provide a better grip in snow or ice
  • Superior resistance against hydroplaning

Conversely, it is just as important to know when to change winter tires to summer. Why? The capabilities of winter tires are not required when the weather warms up, and switching to summer tires will help to make your winter tires last longer.

Additional Winter/Summer Tire Tips

Whenever changing out your tires, you should avoid mixing and matching old and new tires, as the variations in treadwear will result in reduced traction. Knowing when to change winter tires is just part of the overall maintenance of your vehicle. Kyle drivers should also make sure to check the tread depth and tire pressure on a regular basis and keep up-to-date on your tire rotation schedule. Need a new set of winter or summer tires? Use our convenient online Tire Wizard to find the right tires for your car, truck, or SUV.

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